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The easiest way to make.nfo files for your Kodi/XBMC library Simply fill in the fields below then click download to get a formatted.nfo file. Only the fields you enter will be included in the.nfo file. For more info on how to use.nfo files with your Kodi/XBMC library, please visit the Kodi wiki. for various reasons I'm starting a completely new install of Kodi, Leia RC3. my existing series folders each contain a parsing NFO in the original format however there will be some new folders that require a new NFO. as the URL in the original format is no longer available from THETVDB (it used to be a simple copy/paste) should I just use the current URL? After this the files will be the same directories as your media, and can be modified directly if desired.

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Jan. 2015 Ich habe für eine Serie die Metadaten in .nfo Dateien wie sie XBMC/Kodi brauchen vorliegen, und würde diese gerne in die Video Station  10 Nov 2017 Nfo Daten mit Kodi Erstellen und Exportieren. 748 views748 views. • Nov 10 Tutonaut - Kodi-Serie - Grundeinstellungen.

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Here are five Kodi alternatives that give you additional features that Kodi does not have. Kodi is undoubtedly a titan figure in the world of online streaming. Placing an NFO file within each TV Show or Movie is completely optional. If you include one then XBMC would skip the scraping and rely on the information provided within the NFO. Download the latest Kodi .IPA file here to sideload to your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch). The .ipa file found on this site is a converted version of the latest There are two Kodi add-ons that will let you integrate your Emby server with Kodi. One of your options is to install the EmbyCon Kodi add-on, this add-on enables you to play Launch Kodi 17 Krypton From Home screen, click on Settings button Then select File Manager Find and select Add Source Copy & paste exactly this repository url The kodi-nfo-generator is a simple Python-based command-line tool that allows you to generate .nfo files for movies that Kodi can use for its library. Download Kodi 18.1 Free For Android Mobiles, Smart Phones.

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so ein wie sie mir gefallen, jetzt hab ich aber auch Serien die noch laufen. Kodi findet Serien nicht / lokale nfo. Mar 13th 2015. Ich muss mal wieder nen Thread eröffnen, da Kodi meine Anime Serien Episoden einfach nicht finde will. Die Serie Selbst wird gefunden, der Ordner ist beim öffnen allerdings leer. Ich benutze Filebot AMC

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Archived. Hi all, I'm running Kodi 19 RC-1 on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 and I'm pretty sure I have a new issue specifically after moving from Kodi 18 to 19. For instance change batman.the.animated.series.S01E03.mkv into batman.the.animated.series.S01E05.mkv or whatever is the correct order to you. Find what the BluRay order has changed and then rename the episodes file names. You can also do this with custom nfo but I have no experience with this.

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Using nfo files allows you to add Movie Set data to specific movies and then scrape into the library. The following two XML tags are used in Movie Sets: - The name of the Set. Must be identical for each movie nfo you intend to place into the Set otherwise multiple, similarly named, Movie Sets will be created. I'm having trouble getting Kodi to recognise some TV show episodes, so i made .nfo files to try make them listed in my playlist, but it doesn't seem to be working. It's a TV series called 'The UP series', sort of a documentary thing, and it doesn't scrape very well from TVDB. My folder structure looks like this : Y despues pulsa sobre el menú contextual y elegi /b]Cambiar el contenido[/b] e indica que es una serie. Acordate de poner en el nombre de archivo S01E01.